Optical fibre numerical modelling

Enormous design flexibility allowed by microstructured fibre technology enables wide possibility to tune optical fibre parameters. Our R&D department is very experienced in numerical modelling and designing of specialty optical fibres.

    We elaborate fibre designs facing any client requirement including e.g.:
  • specialty fibre designs, which ensure specific dispersion characteristics, including dispersion compensating fibres as well as extremely flat dispersion fibres for nonlinear applications,
  • desired band-gap fibres
  • coupled and uncoupled multicore fibres
  • large mode area single mode microstructured fibres and double clad fibres for high power applications
  • small mode area single mode microstructured fibres for nonlinear and sensing applications
  • birefringent optical fibres
  • fibre couplers
  • fibre tapers
  • Bragg gratings.

We would be happy to meet any fibre designing problem. In a case of untypical cases please contact us directly at [email protected]