Optical fibre drawing

Our almost 30 years of experience in optical fibre technology gives us playground to create variety preforms and fibres. Combining experience in designing and drawing fibres we are able to develop optimum fibre for custom demand. Our flexibility in drawing fibre is possible due to the development of technology which is based on stack’n’draw technology.

    Examples of our custom designed fibres:
  • microstructured fibres with large mode area
  • microstructured fibres with specific dispersion (e.g. zero dispersion shifted, flattened dispersion)
  • multicore fibres
  • double clad fibres
  • highly nonlinear fibres
  • microstructured fibres for FBG
  • few modes fibres
  • active fibres (e.g. erbium doped)

We can also make bespoke preforms.

For more details please contact with our Sales Manager [email protected]