On November 20-23, our staff will take part in the training and will therefore have limited access to corporate mail. We encourage you to contact us at a later date. For urgent matters that can not wait for our return, please contact a specific InPhoTech employee directly. We also would like to inform you that we will acquaint with all of the messages from our mailboxes and will answer them as soon as possible just after our return. Apologies for any inconvenience!
About InPhoTech

InPhoTech is a company with extensive experience in research and development projects, especially aimed at obtaining patents, demonstrators or prototypes for industry applications. InPhoTech carries out modelling, fabrication, research and development of specialty optic fibres (including microstructured, photonic crystal, plastic and plastic microstructured), innovative optical fibre components and photonic devices. Such photonic technology are developed for telecom, metrology, quality analysis, medical, mining, space, transport and safety applications.

InPhoTech specialty fibres technology includes:
  • optical fibre devices based on classical and microstructured fibres: sensors (vibration, temperature, strain, pressure and others) and dispersion compensators;
  • fibre modulators, variable attenuators, broadband fibre light sources etc.;
  • preform technology: MCVD and OVD;
  • drawing towers: for silica glass, soft glasses and polymers;
  • fibre examples of microstructured and classical fibres such as: highly nonlinear, highly birefringent, extremely high or low NA, exceptionally low bending loss, active, multi core, and multi clad etc.;
  • fibre components including classical and microstructured fibres, pigtails, patchcords, efficient splices, fibre attenuators, fibres with tunable parameters (attenuation, birefringence, nonlinearity, mode field area, numerical aperture etc.).
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