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InPhoTech: Career
Current recruitment

We are a dynamically developing R & D company operating in the area of advanced technology. We rely on the modern understanding of innovation and technology transfer. The great value of our company is highly qualified staff featuring an extensive knowledge in the field of photonic technologies.

We are constantly looking for people whose ambition not only is the development of their such knowledge and skills which are potentially helpful in achieving the ambitious goals of our company, but at the same time for people who perceive self-development as valuable for themselves. We offer interesting work in a professional team dealing with the latest technology .

We are looking for ambitious, open-minded and creative individuals. During the candidates assessment procedure we pay special attention to their ability to work in a team and the desire to improve their qualifications. Due to the specific nature of our business we are seeking for persons for technical positions as well as those who have the necessary experience in other fields.

If you are interested in working for the company InPhoTech, please send to jobs@inphotech.pl address the following application documents:

  • CV
  • cover letter
  • recommendation from an expert recognized in a given scientific field
  • contact data to two people who can recommend you
  • presentation containing the vision of your activities in the company InPhoTech

If you are a student involved in: photonics, optoelectronics, telecommunications or fiber optic technologies and are interested in completing a training or an internship in our company, please do not hesitate to contact us.